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Smart Home/Office Solution

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Smart Home/Office

Imagine an easy way of controlling your home or office entertainment, temperature (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), security system, window shades, and surveillance cameras, from one centralized device. This is what we call an Automation System.

Coordination of contexts
Some contexts such as receptions, family dinners, parties, are a harmonious combination of lighting, sound systems, artistic water fountains, and other electrical equipment systems (if applicable). yes), all giving users a really enjoyable experience

Ensure communication operation
All light bulbs in the house use traditional wall-mounted smart switches . Anyone can easily use it in the absence of mobile devices.

Light at hand
In your house, there are many light bulb systems that have been installed in a harmonious way, but to use them all in a reasonable way is not easy. Now, you can turn on/off individual lights, groups of bulbs, and the entire system in any area of ​​your home with just one operation on intuitive interfaces.

Lights on/off automatically
Motion detection sensors in some locations such as corridors, stairs, toilets or garages help lights automatically turn on and off according to use needs.

Security System

Intrusion alert
3-layer protection system from outside to inside with sensors to help you detect illegal intrusion early. The system gives warning actions such as turning on garden music, turning on lights in the yard, indoors, turning on sirens…

Fire and explosion warning
The system includes sensors for detecting gas leaks , detecting smoke, and heat . When detecting gas leaks, the system closes the gas valve and automatically turns off the air conditioner to prevent smoke and toxic gas from spreading to other rooms.

Timely warning
All scenes of break-in, fire, gas leak… will be immediately notified to you (or the number of authorities near your house that you have pre-installed depending on the security level) by how to call, send sms or email.

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