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ITAfrica: Simplified IT Solutions

ITAfrica managed services are guarantee successful completion of projects. Any problems that are encountered in any task or service are the responsibility of ITAfrica. We will work to ensure all problems are resolved and the desired results obtained. The tasks are not complete until the customer approves and accepts. This simple philosophy of responsibility and accountability assures a new level of customer care to all projects. The customer is always guaranteed that the tasks will be completed to their satisfaction and within their budgeted resources. No surprises or disappointments.

ITAfrica services encompass a broad range of data center oriented tasks that cover every aspect of business operation.

  • Hardware and Software Acquisition Planning
  • Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • Software Installation, Configuration, and Customization
  • Web Design and maintenance
  • Performance Analysis
  • Computer System Integration with Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLan), Metropolitan Area
  • Network (MAN) and, Wide Area Network (WAN), installation and maintenance.
  • Operation, Administration, and Support Training
  • Remote Operation Control and Monitoring.
  • System Hardware & Software Technical Support.

Assets Registry

  • Help Desk.
  • Disaster Recovery Design and Planning
  • Data Center Relocation
  • Short Term Staff Augmentation during Critical Projects

ITAfrica can customize a customer care plan that will provide the service level desired at a managed cost designed to alleviate the burden of full‐time employee staffing. The best features of lower cost, 24×7 availability, guaranteed results, and complete control can be realized immediately with our Services.