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A common concern of today’s IT manager is the lack of both financial and human resource to handle existing operations or expand new projects within the enterprise. ITAFRICA fills that gap by providing expertise and experience in every aspect of company technology. Our expertise encompasses experienced IT consultants, network personnel, software/web developers,  and hardware technicians that are dedicated to their work. These engineers and business staff bring vast amounts of knowledge of not only solving problems but also providing the most efficient and cost saving solution. ITAFRICA is not about a quick fix. ITAfrica managed services guarantee successful completion of projects.

Hardware and Software Acquisition

We provide services for Hardware/software acquisition for implementing information system in organizations.

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Systems Performance Analysis

System performance analysis might sounds easy to talk about but difficult to understand. This is where we come in to assist

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Software Installation and Customization

ITAFRICA offers a well-planned and executed software product installation, configuration and customization to its clients.

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Remote Operation and Monitoring

We help gather insight about client networks- including gaining information about machine health and status.

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Web Design and Maintenance

We are experts in the world’s leading web platforms and serve clients in every area of website.

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Computer System Integration

SI is essential for business-to-business communication and internal cooperation within an enterprise.

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Network Installation, and Maintenance

We act as a single point of contact with multi-brand expertise to install and maintain our client’s network structure.

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Hardware & Software Support

Software and Hardware support is vital to a business’s IT. We handle clients’ Hardware and Software support.

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Our technical experts are developing new ways of problem solving and our leaders are at the forefront of researching and writing new industry guidelines. Read our insights on changing regulations, industry trends and other technical topics.

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