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Home Security When Going Away?

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Home Owners

Concerns About Indoor Security When Going For Business, Traveling Away For Many Days

True, owning a luxury and modern house is the pride of the owner, but everyone has the same mentality that “the more precious things are, the more they must keep” always makes us worry about home security. . And even more worrying is when you are traveling for business or with the whole family traveling for more than 10 days.

You know, common thieves don’t do a hack without a long history of tracking the host’s behavior. Each of your moves are carefully researched by them and until the opportunity comes, they will carry out the hacking act.

So the question is, how should we proactively fight the “intruder” while away for many days?

Smart Security System 3 layers from outside to inside

It is true that there is currently no smart security solution that detects who the thief is in order to dispel it. Homeowners can “deal” with the theft is the preparation in advance of intrusion alarm situations.

With our security system architect, thieves will have to “lose” with strict security 3 layers from the outside to the inside:

Layer 1 – Fence gate: If a thief intentionally “loafers” at the fence gate, the motion sensor detects => turns on the music to warn it to drive away. (In most cases the thief will panic and run away from the fence)

Grade 2 – Garden: When the thief is still “brave” enough to leap over the fence, the garden security system signals to turn on music and turn on water fountains. Or the landlord also chooses other types of alarms according to individual requirements.

Layer 3 – Main Entrance: In case a thief approaches the main door or breaks into a window, all lights will be on, music at the highest volume will play. At the same time, the system immediately calls the phone, sends SMS messages to the landlord and other contact numbers to call for immediate rescue.

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