Providing solutions to the financial Institutions.

Financial institutions like banks are one of the most crucial and sensitive sectors. They handle finances which require much more attention in terms of speeding up information for decision-making processes, monitor market changes instantaneously and improve client service.

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Public address system

We design and install Public Address Systems (PA) that can supply announcements to the various working areas and also provide background music to create an enjoyable atmosphere. Whether it’s ambient music for customers or providing conference rooms with the latest PA System technology, we have the right products for you. Our dedicated

Video Collaboration solutions

We offer Video conferencing solutions that help commercial sectors like banks to move closer to the goal of stability. The solution supports bankers in their pursuit of quick decision-making, rapid responses to the markets and meeting the requirements of changing policies and regulations. And let’s not forget that all-important need to raise customer service levels.

Security Systems

Our team has extensive experience navigating the unique regulatory and design considerations within the sectors we serve to deliver customized, high-performance solutions to address your complex site protection challenges. Out security system package includes CCTV, Fence Detection Systems, Motion Sensor, Access Controls and Infrared and Dual Tech Sensors,

Network Solutions

We design, implement and service critical Communications and Networks for commercial industries, providing them with a complete suite of end-to-end IT and communications solutions that allow their businesses and organizations to improve operational efficiency, enabling innovation, mitigating risk and reducing expenditures.

Systems Integrations and Automations

Automated integration enables organizations to update systems of record with integrity and at scale. The latest tools include protection for data at rest and in motion, which is often a regulatory requirement. ITAFRICA system integrators experts specialize in helping you research, rate and select the exact manufacturing system your team needs to ensure your automation project is a success.

Our Thinking

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